Drive from Inverness to John O'Groats

Here is a complete car journey from Inverness to John O’Groats in Caithness, North Scotland, heading north along the A9 and then the A99.

The total drive takes around 2 hours 40 minutes (excluding breaks). This video is accelerated and plays at four times the normal speed.

Journey highlights (with time stamps)
00:00 Millburn Road, Inverness

00:27 A9, Inverness

01:00 Kessock Bridge, Inverness

02:32 Tore, Black Isle, Ross and Cromarty

04:06 Cromarty Bridge, Ross and Cromarty

04:29 Ardullie Roundabout, Dingwall, Ross and Cromarty

05:54 Struie Junction, Ross and Cromarty

06:23 Alness River

09:03 Nigg Roundabout, Ross and Cromarty

10:49 Meikle Ferry Roundabout, Ross and Cromarty

10:56 Dornoch Firth

11:17 Sutherland

11:25 River Evelix, Sutherland

14:52 Golspie, Sutherland

15:52 Dunrobin Castle, Sutherland

17:02 Brora, Sutherland

20:11 Portgower, Sutherland

20:50 Helmsdale, Sutherland

22:08 Caithness

23:42 Berriedale Braes, Caithness

25:35 Dunbeath, Caithness

26:38 Latheronwheel, Caithness

26:56 Latheron, Caithness

28:04 Lybster, Caithness

28:58 Mid Clyth, Caithness

29:26 East Clyth, Caithness

30:07 Ulbster, Caithness

31:10 Thrumster, Caithness

32:09 Wick, Caithness

32:44 A99, Wick, Caithness

34:08 Reiss, Caithness

35:49 Keiss, Caithness

36:34 Auckengill, Caithness

37:07 Freswick, Caithness

38:42 John O’Groats, Caithness

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