Drive from Thurso through Westerdale, Caithness

Here is a complete car journey from Thurso to the A99 near Ackergill in Caithness, North Scotland, heading south east along the B874 and B870 through Glengolly, Westerdale, Watten, Sibster and Winless, and by Scotscalder Railway Station.

This route passes by Thurso Railway Station before heading towards Scotscalder Railway Station and features distant views of Morven, the only mountain in Caithness. This journey was made on a clear mid-afternoon in December.

The total drive takes around 1 hour 10 minutes. This video is accelerated and plays at four times the normal speed.

Journey highlights (with time stamps)
00:00 B874, Thurso, Caithness

00:23 Left turn for Thurso Railway Station

01:25 Glengolly, Caithness

01:29 B870, Glengolly, Caithness

05:03 Right turn for Scotscalder Railway Station

07:14 Westerdale, Caithness

07:34 Left turn for Halkirk

08:21 Left turn for Achnanarras Quarry

08:47 Left turn for Thurso; right turn for Inverness

12:13 Watten, Caithness

12:25 Left turn for Thurso; right turn for Wick

12:53 Loch Watten on the left

17:29 A99, near Ackergill, Caithness; left turn for John O’Groats; right turn for Wick and Inverness

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