Lybster: A Complete Guide

Find out all you need to know including what to do, where to stay, where to eat and how to get to Lybster, North Scotland.

Where is Lybster
Lybster is a coastal village in Caithness on the far north east coast of mainland Scotland. It lies on the North Coast 500 driving route, a 500-mile road trip around the north Scottish coast.

Lybster is 13.5 miles south of Wick, near John O'Groats, and just over 90 miles north of Inverness. 

How to pronounce Lybster
Lybster is pronounced “LIBE-ster”.

What to do in Lybster
Caithness Seacoast: runs boat trips which run from or stop in Lybster Harbour. Read more

Waterlines museum:
a heritage museum on the history and geology of Lybster, with a reputation the cafe’s fresh crab sandwiches.

There is a coastal path from the harbour which meets the long-distance walking path, the John O’Groats Trail (from Inverness to John O’Groats).

North Lands Creative:
a small contemporary glass studio which runs exhibitions and events. Read more

What to do near Lybster:
Within 10 miles:
Whaligoe Steps: a cliff-side walk of over 300 steps to Whaligoe Harbour. 
Camster Cairns: two Neolithic chambered tombs around 5,000 years old. For more nearby Neolithic sites, see also the Cairn of Get and Hill O’Many Stanes.

Within 20 miles:
Wick: a historic harbour and the nearest major town. What to do in Wick

Within 40 miles
Dunrobin Castle: the largest historic home in the Northern Highlands. Read more

Where to eat in Lybster
Waterlines Museum: the museum serves sandwiches, including fresh crab rolls, cakes and hot meals; seasonal opening applies.

Where to eat near Lybster
Whaligoe Steps Cafe: located at the top of the Whaligoe Steps
Wick: has a range of restaurants and cafes.

Where to shop
In Lybster: North Lands Creative sells a small selection of glassware and pottery in its shop.
Near Lybster: Wick sells local products and gifts. Read more

Where to stay
Hotels: a small number of hotels are located in Lybster including the Portland Hotel. Nearby Wick also has hotel accommodation.
Bed and breakfast: there are a number of B&Bs in Lybster, Wick and along the North Coast 500 route. 
Camping: there are campsites in Wick, Thurso, Dunnet and John O’Groats.

How to get to Lybster
By car: just over 20 minutes from Wick on the A99 road. See the drive
By bus: there are bus routes from Wick typically 25-40 minutes’ duration. Plan your journey
By train: the nearest train station is Wick
Nearest airport: Wick-John O’Groats Airport or Inverness Airport

Where next
North: to Wick, John O’Groats and the Orkney Isles
South: to Dunrobin Castle, Dornoch and Inverness

Further resources
See the drive from Inverness to John O’Groats.