Where is Camster Cairns?

Camster Cairns (or The Grey Cairns of Camster) are two Neolithic chambered tombs located in Caithness between Watten and Lybster.

There are two cairns at Camster: the long cairn and the round cairn.

The first investigations into the long cairn were made by Joseph Anderson and Robert Shearer in 1865-6. Initial work to excavate the cairn was undertaken between 1966-8 by Roy Ritchie.

Large scale excavations and studies were completed by John Corcoran between 1971-3. However following his illness and death, the results of his work were not published. Lionel Masters completed the excavation between 1976-80 and the restoration project concluded in 1981.

The round cairn was discovered around 1851 and excavated in 1865. Roy Ritchie undertook excavations in 1966-7 however his work was unpublished and all records lost.

Pictured is the view from inside the round cairn. Visitors can enter inside both cairns.

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